RV manufacturing is a big business in Australia. There are more than 80 caravan manufacturers to date, and it seems quite hard to choose where to purchase the best caravans and motor homes for you.

Luckily, Adelaide in South Australia has Goldstar RV. Goldstar RV is one of the newer manufacturers in the industry, and one of the most reliable ones at that. They have their own manufacturing facility and offer the best customer service to its clientele.

Below are 3 main benefits you’d want to factor in when choosing your very own caravan supplier. Read on to know how Goldstar RV can save you a great deal of effort and money, and later, consider Goldstar RV as your caravan supplier of choice.

Save on Your Expenses

Goldstar RV offers brand new top-notch caravans and luxury static caravans at a lower price. They are roughly $15,000 to $20,000 cheaper than other manufacturers as their company sells directly to its consumers. No dealers in between. Also, Goldstar RV produces in big volumes, allowing them to offer their caravans at lower costs.

Goldstar RV offers cheap touring caravans for sale, enabling its clients to efficiently allocate their savings to other necessities needed for caravanning, such as fuel, water, or that coffee machine you’ve been eyeing for so long.

No Middle Men!

As consumers, we feel more secure when we talk directly to the maker of the product. Transactions are easier, faster, and clearer. Goldstar RV not just manufactures caravans, but also sells it directly to its clients at factory pricing.

Goldstar RV has extensive sales operations, allowing the company to reach their consumers directly and provide the high level of customer service they deserve. If you’re dreaming of that 6 berth caravan for sale, get in touch with Goldstar RV to experience the company’s trustworthy and highly-educated sales staff, and lightning-speed customer service.

High Quality Luxury Caravans

Goldstar RV builds brand new, high quality luxury caravans. They manufacture without compromise. They follow the best practices of the leading players in the industry.

The Liberty Tourer, Goldstar RV’s best-selling caravan, is built with high quality aluminum framed walls and roof with super insulation features, one-piece composite wall rolled and pre-formed front/back/side walls and ceiling, and double-glazed windows. It is furnished with light weight timber cabinetry which you can modify to an ultra-modern high gloss contemporary finish, a luxury sofa which you can upgrade to leather, and so on.

Goldstar RV’s caravans are at par with caravans for sale vic, or with those produced by the leading manufacturers, yet Goldstar RV can offer it at a more affordable price.

There are indeed a lot of new caravan manufacturers Australia, but Goldstar RV has risen to become one of the most trusted in the region. Its efficient operations, highly-knowledgeable and trustworthy sales force, and the company’s commitment to high quality standards have given a lot of value and savings to its consumers, which you may read more about here.

Visit a Goldstar RV branch nearest you to discover how you can get a brand new high quality caravan at the price of a second hand.