In the hunt for a caravan for your upcoming holiday? There are different options to choose from so you need to understand your requirements first before deciding.

Static Caravans

As the name implies, these caravans are transported to a site and will remain in that spot. They act as a second home to the person who purchased off road caravans for sale. It offers all the amenities and convenience of a regular home.

Mobile or Touring Caravans

Mobile or touring caravans have gone a long way since the 1950s to the 1970s. Back then, caravans Australia were made from tin cans and had uncomfortable beds. They had a single axle and were designed to be driven on roads. Mobile caravans are equipped with small kitchens and showers and could accommodate 2 – 6 people.

There are also sturdier caravans with double axles and steadier both off and on the road. The downside of these models is that they are much heavier which means you will be using more petrol to haul them.

Slide Out Caravans

While not common as traditional caravans, slide out and folding caravans are slowly gaining popularity. Compared with the standard caravan, they do not require towing. However, they become a full-sized caravan once parked and assembled for a few minutes. Using a lever, you will have an additional room. Just like other caravans, slide out caravans offer luxury and you do not have to find the best cars for towing caravans in order to use it.

Folding Caravans

Similar to its slide out counterparts, folding caravans are low when towed on the road. It resembles a long trailer than a caravan. However, when parked in a caravan park, it opens up to become as tall as a regular caravan. One disadvantage of these types of caravans is that it will take time opening and closing the caravan.

However, some people who purchase caravan AU find towing something more of a disadvantage than opening and closing a folding caravan. It offers the same storage that is found in a regular caravan.

Fifth Wheels

Fifth wheel caravans are usually found at the high end of the market. It is called as such because the front part which is a platform area extends to the vehicle towing it usually a pickup truck. The fifth wheel is the one that steers the caravan. Like a 6 berth caravan, it offers more sleeping rooms.  However, the need for a towing vehicle is one disadvantage of this type of caravan.

Compact Caravans

Not all caravans are big, however, just like the compact caravan. While they are easy to tow, it lacks the room and amenities that are usually found in traditional caravans. When parked in facilities, they will look more like a basic camper van than a standard caravan. So if you are just looking for a comfortable sleep and not luxury when buying caravan sales Newcastle.

So how do you determine which is the right one for you? It all boils down to your personal preference. Before buying, check out Australian caravan reviews to help you make a decision.