Driving mobile caravans for sale is one of the most popular activities in Australia today. It can be a fun endeavor that every family can indulge in. However, the excitement disappears if you get caught for illegal parking or for not following road rules. This article will guide you on the different caravanning rules so you can ensure a truly worthwhile trip.

Throughout Australia

  • Dual-lane roads in the country have a maximum speed limit of 110 km/h. In urban areas, the speed cap is 50 km/h.
  • Making u-turns at traffic lights is illegal unless signed
  • The driver and all passengers should be using seatbelts while the vehicle is moving. Any penalties shall be charged to the driver.
  • An alcohol limit of 0.05g per 100ml of blood is applicable to drivers throughout the country. The laws in each state may vary for a certain period of time where the 0.00g applies.
  • It is illegal to leave a vehicle unlocked, unattended, windows down, or keys inside caravans for sale SA. There will be a corresponding fine for the offender.
  • Parking areas indicate where your vehicle should face and misinterpretation of the sign merits a parking ticket. The nose of the vehicle should face the direction you are going to travel.

New South Wales

New South Wales has pioneered the implementation of almost all road rules in Australia. The first law enacted in the state is making the use of mobile phones or similar devices while driving illegal. This includes calling, texting, browsing the Internet, or selecting a song from your playlist. In the state, it is legal to give way to all vehicles in a roundabout and not just to the right.


Unless a sign that prohibits it appears in the light, making a U-turn at the traffic light is allowed in Victoria. Leaving an empty bike rack attached to car sales motorhomes while driving along the state is not allowed. Carrying a rack with a bike on it is allowed, though.

South Australia

The speed limit at a children’s crossing in a designated school zone or while passing an emergency vehicle with flashing lights is 25 km/h. You need to use all your indicators if making a turn at the roundabout or exiting it. Crossing a road marking line to avoid cerobstructions is allowed.

Western Australia

Western Australia follows standard road rules implemented in the country. You can find more information on road rules in the state in the website of the Department of Transport.  


If you are driving lightweight 2 berth caravans for sale with a license in language other than English, do carry one with a valid translation. Queensland is strict about alcohol limits and Australian police expect to have your driving license available at all times.


Tasmania features roads with single continuous line rather than double in separating lanes. As such, the standard rules on crossing over applies. Whenever two lanes merge, the vehicle in front owns the right of way. You need stay on the left on multi-lane roads with a speed limit of more than 80 km/h.

A lot of people believe that when merging in traffic you must always give way to the right… but that’s not the rule… Here is a quick run-down of the two merging situations, watch the video below:

Australian Capital Territory

When buying a static caravan, you need to be aware that authorities in the Australian Capital Territory are strict when it comes to alcohol limits. Your license can immediately be suspended if you do not stop when pulled over by the police or refuse to take or fail the roadside breath test.

Being aware of the different road rules is important whenever you buy touring caravan. This will help ensure a hassle free and enjoyable trip to the Australian outback,