Using your RV to explore Queensland Caravan Parks can be one great adventure. It can provide you with an opportunity to see and appreciate the beauty and splendor of the Australian landscape. Using caravans for traveling around Caravan Parks has become a popular activity even for foreign tourists. But without sufficient planning, what is supposed to be a fun experience can become a horrible one. So read on and make your caravan holiday a truly memorable one.

Plan Your Route And Itinerary

Before everything else, you need to plan the details of your trip including your route and itinerary. Queensland features a huge expanse of road where there is absolutely nothing. Unless you are well prepared, you may not be allowed to travel these roads. Unlike in Europe where cities are separated by just a few hours, in Australia, you may need to travel days to reach another city. So plan your route well.

Rent or Buy?

When taking a trip to Caravan Parks, you have an option to buy caravans for sale in Queensland. This option comes with the assurance that you can sell the van at the end of your trip. While the buy-back amount will often be around 50% of the purchase price. With this guarantee, you can have some peace of mind when you are in a bad location.


When taking a trip to Caravans Park, having a budget can make your travel stress free. There are a lot of expenses associated with these trips so you need to have a budget. For instance, your accommodation. Will you stay in a free camp or in powered sites? In a Caravan Park, the rate ranges from $20 and $50 a night.

Aside from that, you also have to worry about the fuel. The cost is around $2 per liter of fuel  and it will cost more in some areas. Fuel stations charge so much because they have to generate their own power and have to deal with huge freight costs.


Another important consideration is the time of the year you will go. In the Northern Territory, for example, wet season is between December and March so you would not go there at that time of the year. There will be flash flooding at that time of the year so do not schedule your trip at that time.


Power is another major consideration when planning a trip to Caravan Parks. Sure you could buy ice every after few days and batteries for your torches and lights. But if you plan to travel around Queensland for several days, it would not be enough.

Touring Caravan Parks in Queensland using Goldstar RV caravans can be quite an experience as long as you have planned it well. Take these considerations in mind and you can look forward to a wonderful and fun adventure enjoying all the sights and attractions Caravans Park has to offer while riding your RV.