Many of our clients give their feedback about how great it is in naturally owning a Brand-New RV.

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    Many of our clients give their take on what it means to own brand a new GoldStar RV
    Below are some of our clients’ good experiences from their purchase and recent land travel:

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    In a nutshell, owning a Caravan is similar to buying a property. We look for the best possible options and eventually make that major decision when the time is right and when we are definitely sure we found the right one. Without a doubt, it takes time, comprehensive research and most importantly a well-established brand that would be willing to meet your individual needs and work with you along the way. Ultimately, you will then be on your way to an informed decision that you truly would be happy and excited about.

    Another important point to share is that most of the items are purchased from manufacturers of components. As your manufacturer of choice, we ensure that we procure the best possible components available in the market at the most reasonable pricing that is both competitive and attractive to suit your budget needs. However, there are minute instances wherein out of a hundred similar components, that there exists a probability of having one that is occasionally faulty. We choose components that will back you up with support and service second to none.

    Moreover, we as your manufacturer do emphasize the availability of our network repairers and service agents Australia Wide who are willing to work closely with us to bring you the best possible outcome for your caravan product and service needs. It is at times like these that as your supplier, we stand by with you and do what is right when it matters most – your safe and exciting trip and more adventure to look forward to.

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