Best cars for towing your caravans

Weight vary on caravans depending on steel or aluminum chassis

Ford Ranger

Mazda BT50

Holden Colorado

Nissan Navara

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Nissan Patrol

Nissan Pathfinder

Isuzu D-Max

Isuzu MUX

Colorado 7

Mercedes Benz ML500

Porsche Cayene

Toyota Landcruiser

Volkswagen Touareg

Lexus LX470

Tow weights may vary depending on year

BMW X5 2.7t

Ford Territory 2.7t

Mitsubishi Challenger 3t

Mitsubishi Pajero 3t

Mitsubishi Triton 3t

Toyota Hilux 2.5t

Toyota Prado 2.5t – 3t

Volkswagen Amarok 3t

Toyota Tundra 4t

Kia Sorrento 2 ATM

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