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Personalise your RV



Choose from any of these comfortable recliner chair or cafe seating options – make your new Goldstar caravan a real home away from home.
Your recliner chairs or cafe seats will come with a tri-fold table!



Our leather interior upgrade adds a new level of elegance to your van for a very affordable price.


External walls

Customise the exterior of your van by adding grey walls! Or add checquerplate to the sides, for that added security and protection.



Upgrade to modern gloss furnishings, or our signature two pack Elegance Interior; a modern and contemporary look with an easy to maintain gloss finish!



There will never be a dull moment in a Goldstar caravan with our affordable entertainment pack, featuring a DVD, CD, MP3, MP4, MP5 compatible HD TV, along with a 4 speaker Hi-Def sound system and a roof mounted digital antenna!


Continuous Hot Water

Upgrade your Goldstar to a Continuous Gas Hot Water System! No more cold showers, you can guarantee hot water as long as you have a water supply. It’s reliable, only runs with water pressure, and doesn’t need a storage tank, making it very economical.



As a standard, all our vans come with a Galvanised Steel Chassis. However, if tare weight of the van is an issue for your towing vehicle, you may want to consider our tough aluminium chassis: lighter, rust proof and can reduce your tare weight by approximately 200kg.

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