MyPadd MC

    Bachelor’s Pad w/ Bar

    Redefining masculinity. Exuding sophistication while helping you save your beer money.

    Enter a world where the gentleman meets the rebel. Imagine a sanctuary where are the alpha male.

    We are giving you a choice – call it the retro bar, call it the dog house, call it a man cave, call it any way you want. But be sure to CALL US.

    Satisfy your leisure lifestyle as the inner lion takes over. In the MyPadd MC, you are king. Plenty of room when you invite your mates over for some awesome parties. The stylish sofa is cleverly designed to shapeshift into a comfortable and bed. The bar is open – guaranteed that drinks are shaken not stirred (James Bond). Do not forget the fridge to keep your beer ice cold and your wine perfectly chilled. Engage in intimate conversation. You deserve it.

    So, on rare occasions when your drink buddies overindulge, you can now do the right thing and offer to put them up for the night (Tip: Make sure you close the bar though).

    MyPadd MC Price @ $26,990

    It’s all set to go with TV and entertainment.

    Available at your nearest capital city

    *Check with council if permit is required


    • Double bed that converts to lounge (windup table)
    • Fridge/Freezer
    • Hot water system
    • Laminated kitchen benchtop w/ drinks bar and bar stools
    • Led lighting
    • 3-tiered robe plus ample storage shelving
    • Wine and Spirits floating storage rack
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