Caravans provide a convenient way to travel around the country without having to worry about accommodations. However, to make sure that your next vacation will be fun and worthwhile, you have to consider your safety and that of your family members who will ride it. In this article, we shall take a look at the different safety features available for mobile homes in Australia.


  1. Electronic Stability Control


The release of the Electronic Stability Control feature by AL-KO in 2012 ushered in the single biggest safety improvement in the history of the caravan industry. In just five years, it became the gold standard safety features for caravans with 50 percent of caravan sales Melbourne manufactured with the ESC as a standard feature. Some manufacturers make it available for a little cost. Today, it can be customized to existing vans ensuring that every vehicle will have it installed.


The electronic stability control is designed to provide caravans with the best possible response during critical towing situations. By evaluating data and recognition of critical lateral movements, ESC activates and applies electric brakes right away.


  1. Electronic Brake Controllers


Electric brake controllers are designed to keep towed trailers more than 750 kg and 1500kg to stay in control. Brake controllers is legally required and comes in two varieties namely a dial and a slide model. This feature can be manually adjusted to apply the appropriate amount of braking force needed for any situation or van. In some units, drivers are allowed to boost the brake during exceptional situations such as during sway or long or steep descents.


  1. Vehicle Compatibility


Safe towing requires the caravan tourer to be compatible with the tow vehicle. You need to make sure that your RV and tow vehicle capacity should comply with legal requirements.   Figuring these out can be a daunting task since the capacity of each vehicle may vary and the figures may change depending on what is being towed.


  1. Build Quality


Build quality is perhaps the most important safety feature you should have in your caravan and motorhome Australia. What good is your safety features if an axle is dislodged as you fly down the highway. The caravan industry is highly self-regulated but most body and state industry bodies have quality assurance and compliance programs in place. The national Caravan Industry Association of Australia manages the RV Manufacturing Accreditation Program that audits members ensuring that they comply with relevant Australian Design Rules, Regulations and Australian Standards. Those who comply will be given a key to display signifying that they comply with the standards.

  1. Jockey Wheels


Jockey wheels are a necessity for every 3 berth caravan for sale.  They are available in different styles to choose from. The removable type is used for lifting a caravan much higher. They don’t usually take up space on your drawbar and can be larger. Swivelling or swing-away jockey wheels do not require removing or storage. However, they should be compatible with the configuration of your van. The hydraulic type can double as a jack and requires less effort to operate than a regular jockey wheel.

The motorized or powered jockey wheels can be attached to a drawbar and has an external battery and controller.  Finally, ratchet-style jockey wheels have long arms that can be attached to your van for easier and safe movement.


These are just some of the most essential safety features you should invest on for your caravan static for sale. With these features, you can have some peace of mind when heading out to your next holiday destination.