Jumpstarting Your GoldStar Experience With A Loan Van

March 13, 2017
Posted by: GoldStar RV

For a caravaner and even a potential buyer, both could agree that the usual scenario in purchasing a van requires a 3-4-month research [potentially longer] to identify the ideal van.

Moreover, it often happens next that we neglect to factor in that work needs to be done behind the scene. To get the van that you exactly want, we then have to factor in cabinetry finishes, floor and wall colours, lighting, specific appliances, and above all, any customization that you could think of—the perfect recipe for the perfect caravan.

If you are in the market for a custom order, the journey starts sooner than you think. It gets even better as you can fully-customize your own travel caravan for your towing vehicle fit for you and your family’s lifestyle.

The process won’t always be as easy as buying an appliance from the shopping centre. There are a lot of considerations, comprehensive and even minute details to factor in and most likely we have to qualify what can be done and what to what extent we can afford. Jumping into a custom van of yours might usually take say 4-6-month turnaround time after placing an order. You would be surprised to hear about the huge number of disgruntling stories around because of all the time spent with doing nothing but waiting for your caravan to arrive. And for some they even think of it as a huge turn-off in making that final decision and would have easily turn their heads away from fulfilling that land travel dream.

There is this story from Harley, who had recently cancelled his RV van purchased last December as he mention in one of the Australian caravan community boards. This is for the sole reason that he felt that most companies just needed to close the sale in order to keep the company running. Things went even crazier on his perspective as we are all aware that there are no refunds whatsoever in the deposits they have made. Waiting time was given around 5-8 months and just right after 3 months, he pulled out of the deal as he felt like he was already robbed with thousand dollars because of all the waiting game.

But there’s a better road to take now.

At Goldstar, we have come up with a concept wherein you get to be on the road sooner. The loan van is the perfect solution to get you holidaying asap. Allow us to help you get going straight away. Forget about the waiting period, as you begin the journey the moment you make up your mind with the right van. Plenty of exciting places to visit and new experiences await you – without need to wait.

  • Imagine being given a certain van for you to go on a trip already. Take it whenever, wherever, and use it as if it is already your own. Think of this feature as our own way of rewarding you for your “willing to wait” signal on us!
  • Kick start the year as you embark on an adventure with your family and friends in creating and expanding memorable opportunities. We are all about helping you make that first move soon as you decide to get Goldstar RV soon.

Now it’s your turn to take the first step, log on to our GoldStar Website’s Custom Caravans Page at and find the one that suits you the most.

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