Frequently Asked Questions

    You are considerably cheaper than all others, is it a case of you get what you pay for?

    Our batch building system is very economical, firstly by ordering components for a large number of vans at one time, naturally this will attract big savings. Secondly, the investment we made in the latest CNC machinery makes the process of building a van quicker, thus saving on labor costs. The result is top quality vans at unbeatable prices.

    Composite wall vs common "tin and stick", what's the advantage?

    The composite wall system is comprised of one-piece walls/roof, thus eliminating leakage issues associated with the tin and stick system. In addition to this, our frame is constructed from aluminium as opposed to timber, which provides obvious strength advantages and is less susceptible to rot and decay over the years. The fibreglass skin is both durable and dent resistant.

    How long can I expect to wait for my van after ordering?

    At any one time we carry a large number of vans in stock of various sizes, layout and decor, chances you may find what you want already in stock. As an added bonus, we are usually happy to sharpen the pencil on floor stock. However, if you prefer a more customized van, a wait of approx 12 week can be expected.

    Do you take trade ins?

    We certainly do, if your expectations are realistic and your van is reasonably priced don’t hesitate to get in contact with one of our friendly sales staff about a trade.

    Do you offer finance?

    Absolutely, please discuss your finance requirements with our helpful staff. We also offer a rent to buy scheme.

    How much deposit is required to order a van?

    Usually a 10% deposit is required upon ordering with the balance payable upon completion and prior to pickup. For our valued interstate customers we also offer a refundable $1000 holding deposit scheme, giving you the chance to inspect prior to commitment.


    In order to constantly improve our product, Goldstar RV reserves the right to make modifications on structure and components without notice.

    I hear you run an auction every month, how do I get notified?

    Yes you heard right, to be notified of our upcoming auction simply fill out the ‘contact us’ section at the bottom of our homepage and put ‘auction’ in the question section.

    Becoming a Flag Bearer?

    We are looking to familiarise several individuals in our superior manufacturing processes, who in turn will carry the flag whenever topics such as composite -vs- tin & stick or aluminium -vs- timber frame arise, as they often do over a beer or two.

    Ideally candidates should be in contact with the travelling grey nomad, you might even be one yourself.

    It’s not expected that you become a fully-fledged salesperson, but your genuine belief in the superiority of the Goldstar brand will no doubt lead to sales. Naturally you can expect to be compensated for your efforts by way of extra income, free park stays, fuel vouchers and much more.

    If you enjoy meeting people ask now for more details and start earning income as you travel around this great country. Please fill out the contact form below and ask for flag bearer info in the description section.

    Buy Back Guarantee! How does it work?

    Just in case you needed more reasons to be swayed towards a Goldstar, consider for a moment our guaranteed buy back option!

    Yes, at Goldstar, we are so confident of the great resale value of our caravans. We are willing to offer a guaranteed buy back option. Especially suited for those who wish to cross the “BIG LAP” of their bucket list. * Hmmm…

    Goldstar Caravans

    • Lower Prices
    • Fast Build Time (2-4 weeks)
    • Optional 5-year warranty
    • Transparent trade-in evaluation**

    Based on lowest advertised similar caravan price, less $950… That’s transparency!

    *Naturally, some conditions apply.
    ** Discounted vans excluded. Based on the RRP.

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