When buying modern caravan, you need to remember that the costs will not stop at purchase. From electronic components to the accessories, owning a caravan can prove costly. In this article, we shall look at the different costs that are associated with caravan purchase.

Insurance and registration

The cost of insurance and registration will vary from one state to another and depending on your place of residence. There is a flat fee that is usually charged for individual and personal use. It will also depend on the manner you store your caravan.

Resale and depreciation

Another thing you have to worry about when buying cheap static caravans is the depreciation value. Depreciation can be seen as a future cost. It will all depend on how in demand your caravan is upon selling. Smaller caravans are usually more preferred because they are easy to live with and more accessible than the larger ones.


Frequently using 5 touring caravans for sale may subject it to wear and tear and eventually regular maintenance. Constantly upgrading your caravan will require more maintenance and spare parts which can all the more add to the costs of owning a motorhome. It is therefore important to deal with any maintenance issues right away to keep the costs down.


Tow vehicles can increase the wear and tear in caravan motorhome Australia. Aside from that it can also boost fuel consumption which can further add to your expenses. Luckily, there are ways you can improve fuel consumption and lessen your expenses.


Choosing where to store your caravan is another important concern. While it may not be an issue in the short term, it will be in the long run. You will have to pay for maintenance costs and consider getting caravan cover as well.

New equipment, accessories and spare

Although cheap tourers for sale will usually include the standard, you might need to invest on some accessories and equipment at some stage. Safety devices such as a brake controller and level rides will usually be a necessity upon purchase. New and improved couplings, better jockey wheels, awnings, and new brake systems are essential upgrades you need to make. Aside from that, you will also need spares such as tires, brake pads, and gas struts. You can incorporate these into the maintenance costs.

Pre-travel expenses

Before going on a trip, you may want to stock up your caravan with groceries and consumables such as cooking gas, toilet cassette chemicals, fuses, and lubricants.

As you can see, planning to buy a caravan entails a lot of costs. Aside from the vehicle itself, these are some of the financial concerns that you need to bear in mind with caravan sales Victoria Australia. Despite the expenses you are likely to incur, owning a caravan offers a wide range of benefits in the long run. Not only will it give you an opportunity to bond with your family but also get a chance to see various attractions that the country has to offer.