Troubleshooting outback caravans Australia is not as easy as it seems. These are not just trailers with a house thrown on top. Caravans are still vehicles that can be subjected to wear and tear. Bearings, brakes, tyres, and running lights needs to undergo regular maintenance. The other components needs to be checked every six months. So read on and learn simple troubleshooting of problems in your caravan.


The typical chassis of luxury caravans to buy are made from boxed-section steel rails with welded cross beams and A-frame. Some have risers, others an A-frame truss or use C-section steel which can be the source of problem. The common issues in a chassis could be cracks in the steel at the stress or weld points and damage due to corrosion.

Checking for cracks need to be careful and methodical since they are not obvious. If your 2 berth caravan seems to be sagging in one corner, it probably is the chassis. Cracks may require expert advice to avoid towing the van.

Corrosion, on the other hand, may require just a wire brush and a new painting. This problem usually happens to vans that are permanently stationed on coastal sites exposed to sea air. So if you are buying caravans for sale Queensland that has been parked on a long time at the sea, be careful.


The suspension of a caravan is typically a beam axle sprung with leaf springs. Other vans have coils or torsion bar. The new models of offroad vans will have air springs on their suspension. A broken leaf spring can be easily detected if the van is sagging at one corner.

It is unusual for a caravan to break a spring which usually happens as a result of overloading or hitting bumps at high speed. To check for wear in suspension bushes, push the joint side to side using a screwdriver.

Wheels, Tyres, and Brakes

The bearings is usually a common point for wear. To check, jack the wheel off and move it around to see if there is any play. Movement on the wheel is a sign of a loose or worn bearing. You can also check for any abnormal tread wear or damage. The coupling is usually not problematic but you still need to check its condition. The rear bumper and spare tyre mounting point for signs of fatigue cracks or damage.

If the brakes of your caravan are not working, you will need to have a mechanic or auto electrician check it for any damage.


The body of on site caravans for sale is usually made from aluminum or aluminum over timber sheets. Some have interlocking composite panel construction. The biggest problem to the van body is leaking water which can cause damage if remain unchecked.

The mastic compound which was later replaced by silastic can become hard and crack over time. This is where water leaks will usually start. Cracks on the sealer may also occur so you may need to have it resealed as soon as possible to prevent water damage.

Using 2 berth static caravans for sale to travel around the country can be fun and exciting. However, it can be subjected to wear and damage if not maintained properly.