Choosing the right towing car for your caravan will contribute to an enjoyable and relaxed experience. But finding the car to tow your caravan is not as easy as it would seem. Here are some tips on choosing the right towing car for your van.

For safe towing of off-road caravans Australia, your towing car should be heavier than the caravan. It should also have sufficient power to make steady progress on gradients of up yo 1 in 8. Depending on your age, there might be a need for you to upgrade your driving license so you can tow a large caravan.


The most important consideration when looking for a towing car for caravans Brisbane is that the kerbweight should at least be equal and ideally greater than the fully laden weight of the caravan. To get the best performance from your car and caravan, the maximum towed load should be not greater than 85% of the towing car’s kerbweight.

Most manufacturer brochures will say that their towing cars are capable of towing loads that is greater than their recommended towing ratios. Although not illegal, it is recommended for the car not to tow anything heavier than its kerbweight. While the upper weight limit of cars are determined by the manufacturers, some have restrictions on the maximum weight.


The torque or pulling performance is also an important consideration when choosing a towing car for 17 foot caravans for sale. Diesel engine cars will have more low down torque which makes them ideal as a tow car. However, issues over air quality will lead to an increase in taxes to be levied on diesel vehicles. Hybrid cars, which combines petrol and diesel with electric motor, will become more popular.


Ideally, cars with automatic transmission are best suited for towing a caravan. They have a torque converted that would allow a crawling pace. On the other hand, a manual clutch would slip and wear. They come with an option to manually choose a gear so they can be driven as a “clutchless manual.” However, they also include exceptions such as towing while driving in conditions like snow and ice.


Some drivers prefer a 4 x 4 as their towing car. They offer the best hitches for caravans due to their extra traction especially on wet conditions. Keep in mind, however, that some compact models do not weigh as much as a standard saloon so there is not much advantage. Rear wheel drives, on the other hand, provide a more refined towing experience on the road and offers good traction. Front wheel drives can also be good towing cars provided that the driver observe the noseweight limit and rear axle limit of the manufacturer.

Finding the right towing car is essential in ensuring the best experience from your caravan. As usual, you can always check out the best caravan reviews for advice and help on finding the best towing car for your caravan.