Traveling on custom built caravans is without a doubt an exciting venture. Upon arrival at the caravan park, you are full of excitement. But all that disappears when you realize how tiring hitching and unhitching your caravan is. All the energy you saved for a wonderful trip goes down the drain because you are already tired.

The good news is that you can make your life easy driving 2 berth caravan for sale and enjoy your vacation with a caravan motor mover. This piece of device will prove valuable when you are parking your caravan at home or moving your vehicle into and out of most pitches at the touch of a button. With caravan movers, you do not have to physically exert effort moving your caravan onto the garage or drive.

Depending on the makes of caravans, motor movers come in different sizes and shapes. There are different factors to consider when looking for caravan movers. Do some research first before you head on and buy one for yourself. You might also want to seek some advice from those who have experience with movers. You can join forums and check out reviews to make sure that you are finding the right mover.


There are different caravan movers available in the market that can suit any budget. Some manufacturers cut corners to decrease the cost. Some use a less powerful motor or roller construction which results to poor performance particularly during wet and cold conditions. The reduced cost may also be seen in the poor availability of spare parts and after sale service with short warranty period. Poorly designed movers can result to poor ground clearance and increased susceptibility to corrosion of caravans gold coast.

Some manufacturers offer the cross actuation bar as a standard feature while others add it as an optional extra. You will also have to pay additional fee for electrical engagement of the drive rollers to the wheels. For this reason, you need to look at the technical specifications of the mover when considering the price. Make sure to check publications or the Internet to see if a manufacturer or dealer has an upcoming offer as any promotions can make a top product affordable.


Several manufacturers of 6 berth static caravans for sale offer five-year warranties which could be a reflection of their belief in the quality of their product. Other manufacturers offer warranty extension for a fee, although the additional warranty is an insurance-backed one. It is important to understand the terms and conditions before signing. Check what services are included if you encounter an issue when away from home and check the coverage of the warranty.

Australia motorhome sales are designed to make a trip to the outback and other sites enjoyable. You can relieve yourself of the hassle of having to physically park your caravan on the park with a caravan mover. This way, you can truly ensure yourself and your family of a wonderful holiday touring the country on your caravan.