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Welcome to GoldStar RV Queensland Caravans. Here you will find world-class caravans at factory-direct prices. Visit our Queensland branch and check our caravans in stock.

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GoldStar RV is a caravan dealer based in Redcliffe, Queensland. We sell caravans, motorhomes, family vans, and multi-terrain caravans. We pride ourselves in selling nothing but top quality recreational vehicles for our clients in the Brisbane area.

Caravans are the most popular option for travelers wanting to go around the country and caravan sales has experienced tremendous growth over the years. There are more than half a million registered recreational vehicles and with more than ten million trips in a year.

If you don’t have a caravan yet, you are missing out a lot! Most of us thought that caravans are for grey nomads, but most of the domestic trips in the recent times are taken by travelers aged 20 to 54.

Experience Australia like no other! Drive away with a caravan and have the freedom to visit and stay on any caravan park or free camping places all over the country.

If you check our RV Models page for the latest caravans in stock. Most of our caravans have ensuite and we also have slide outs and caravans built for family use. There are multi-terrain caravans that are perfect for off-road trips.

Some of the caravans are located at other GoldStar RV offices but we can have it transported to your city at a small fee. All you need to do is fill out your contact information on the van that you like and we will help you get the van that you like.

Our QLD office sells caravans for clients near Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast as well. We also have storage places near your area if you find Redcliffe, Brisbane too far from where you live. Just call us today and we will set a date for us to discuss solutions for your caravan needs.

Call us today to set an appointment and check our caravans for sale in Queensland.

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