Insuring a caravan motorhome protects it from loss or damage due to unforeseen events. Although your RV can be covered in a regular car insurance, it is best to invest on a policy designed for caravans. Depending on what type of coverage you choose, caravan insurance may provide the following protection:

  •         Provide a new caravan if yours is declared a total loss
  •         Cover costs due to third party liability
  •         Repair expenses
  •         Replace costs for lost or stolen items

It is worth noting that insurance for caravan sales Victoria is not the same as a regular car insurance. Likewise, not all traditional insurance covers recreational vehicles. Caravan insurance provides coverage for static, touring caravans, and tourers. For the static RVs, some of the risks protected by insurance include flooding or falling of a tree. In the case of touring caravans, coverage may include risks associated with collision and weather. Both static and touring caravans may be covered from theft.

Regardless of whether you are using 5 berth caravan for sale frequently or rarely, it is necessary to get insurance for your vehicle as well as its contents. Caravan insurance providers offer different coverage so choose your policy well. It is also important to request for individual quotes for each provider to ensure that you get the right coverage for your needs.

Getting the best value from caravan insurance

Caravan insurance can be tailored to suit different caravanning needs. Here are some tips to help you buy insurance for your motorhome.

How often will you use the caravan?

The frequency of use of your caravan can affect the type of insurance you will get. Will you be using it for the whole year? Are you parking it on a site or will you tow it all over the country? All these factors will help determine the level of insurance coverage you need. How frequent you travel with your caravan can affect the insurance coverage you will get.

What contents do you need covered?

Insurance for your model caravan will include the contents you would like to be covered aside from the vehicle itself. Aside from laptops and mobile phones, you may also get covered for items such as push bikes, kitchenware, and other contents. Make sure that these items are covered before heading out to your next destination.

How much is your caravan worth?

The value of your caravan will have an impact on the new for old value or replacement value. You should know the market value of caravans for sale static on site and if possible, the ‘buy-new’ value. Determining this would be easy if you bought a new caravan. For second hand motorhomes, a registered dealer will provide ample help on determining the worth of your caravan.

When buying insurance for caravans for sale touring, it might be possible to get discounts for the important and risk-reducing security measures. This will vary from one insurance provider to another. It pays to do some research on this.

Caravans are massive vehicles that any damage can prove costly on your part. This is where having insurance can give you some peace of mind as you no longer have to shoulder most of the expenses you will incur.