Driving a camper caravan provides opportunities for individuals to visit amazing locations and explore the countryside without having to worry too much about the cost. With built-in sleeping quarters, caravans eliminate the need to worry about accommodations and enjoy a great evening wherever you are. These are one of the perks of being an owner of a caravan.

Unlike parking a car, however, finding a parking space for 20 ft caravans for sale can be a little bit tricky. You cannot just park it anywhere. There are legal parking spots where you can park your caravan. In some areas, caravans are considered heavy long vehicles by local authorities and hence are covered by certain restrictions when it comes to parking. In this article, we shall guide you on parking your van.


Campsites are the safest spots for parking caravans for sale Adelaide. It can give you some peace of mind that it will not be stolen by anyone. As much as possible, park your caravan on a campsite near the city or bus station.


If you do not feel safe parking luxury caravans for sale in a campsite, you can find one in the suburbs. Near a shopping mall is the perfect spot. However, you need to remember that stealing is very rampant in big cities so park your caravan on a guided parking area. Just make sure that to note down the exact address of that place so you can easily find your caravan.

Guided Parking

Guided parkings are also one of the safest place for parking your caravan. However, do your research first as you just cannot park anywhere especially you have a big vehicle. A good suggestion will be a guided car park in the airport. Usually, the communication between the airport and city center is very good so you will not have any problems going to the city and back to the parking area.

Remote Locations

When planning to park on remote locations or somewhere out of the way, a little research can give you savings. Local councils have jurisdiction over parking throughout the country and laws governing parking may vary so do check them first. Parking on residential areas, particularly near tourist destination, is prohibited and may earn you a parking ticket.

National Parks

National parks are always popular for camping. However, you need to have a pre-paid permit and booking. You can check the website of the National Parks to get a list of state parks and links to the appropriate forms which you can submit online.

Parking is a major concern when you buy camping car. However, by planning your trip in advance, you can look forward to a stress-free vacation. By knowing where you can legally park your caravan, you can have peace of mind when it comes to the safety of your vehicle.

You can check RVS online for the needed information when looking for a place for parking your caravan. It will save you time and money if you do so.