Driving around the country on 2 berth touring caravans can be fun and exciting. It gives you an opportunity to see the different attractions Australia has to offer. However, those who have experienced caravanning says that to maximize the experience, you should try an off road trip. The country abounds with mountains, rivers, waterfalls, and others which you will not be able to see if you are just staying in one place.

According to data in the last decade, more and more people have switched to full time caravanning. This has resulted to a 38% increase in the sales of off road caravanning rigs. In 2010 alone, caravanners accumulated 607 million kilometers across Oz, equivalent to 790 trips to the moon and back. Riding caravans Adelaide provides tourists with the opportunity to experience the Australian wildlife.

So if you have not experienced off-road caravanning yet, here are some reasons to do so:


Unlike brand new static caravans, off road campers eliminates the need to find a caravan park or campsite. You can stay anywhere your trip takes you.


Off road caravanning is cheaper than parking you mini caravan for sale in a campsite. With off road caravanning, you just have to pick a location. It can save you a lot of money than staying in caravan parks. You can stay anywhere and save on the accommodation fee.


People who buy a motorhome in Australia consider safety as one of their reasons for buying. Many people think that an off-road caravan is not safe to use. However, they are equipped with features that guarantees a smooth and safe ride. They come with anti-theft locks, towbars, and other security features.

Ground Clearance

Companies who design a caravan intended to make the off-roader ideal for travelling unsealed roads. Off road caravans have the right ground clearance making them ideal for exploring unpaved terrains. Smaller vans have low ground clearance which prevents them from traveling in unpaved roads. Off road caravans also have better towing capacity.


Some people have the notion that off-road caravans have insufficient space which can make shifting to another position difficult. This is not the case, however. Off-road caravans have bigger bathrooms, passageways, beds, and other amenities found in traditional homes. As they are built for out of town trips, they also come with state of the art appliances.


Off-road caravans are built to be drive for all kinds of terrains. They can negotiate all kinds of roads without skidding. They can be driven into sandy beaches and rocky campsites.

Maximum Adventure and Fun

Whether it’s a swamp, valley, creek road, or desert, off road caravans can handle any kind of road condition. This ensures that you get the most fun and adventure during your trip.

Off-road caravans can take all the beating associated with heavy winds, storms, thunderstorms, and other weather conditions. They have a durable chassis and leverage that will take your trip even to the farthest region of the country. So if you are still having second thoughts buying an off road caravan, consider these benefits.