Retirement provides the retiring individual with plenty of opportunities to travel more often. It is much easier to plan a long trip or vacation when you are retired already since you do not have a work to worry about anymore. Retirement is the best time to think about relaxing and giving yourself a much needed rest after working hard all your life.

But making frequent trips can take its toll on the senior citizen physically and financially. One alternative solution is caravanning. Caravans in Australia is becoming popular. According to The Age, caravans are manufactured every 5 minutes. In addition, the Caravan Industry Association revealed that over 22,000 recreational vehicles were manufactured in 2015. This represents a 6.6% increase from 2014.

Buying a caravan for your retirement provides a wide range of benefits. Let us take a look at what advantages you can gain from owning a caravan.


With a caravan, you can have the convenience to travel without worrying about where to stay for the night. You can stop over anywhere when feeling tired to rest and then head on your way again. It gives you the freedom to go where you want without any boundaries. These vehicles can make your retirement truly fun and adventurous.

By buying caravans for sale, you can go to any location at your own convenient time. You do not have to worry if it’s off peak or peak season when going on a vacation.


Compared to renting a two-bedroom house or a 5-star hotel in the place you are going, buying a caravan is more affordable. It has a cheaper upfront cost. You can save more money with an RV. While you may have to pay occasional campsite fees, taxes, insurance, maintenance, and other costs, it will still be more affordable than a rented or bank-bought home.

Even the cost of repairing a caravan can be cheaper than maintaining a traditional house. The cost of fixing the roof of a mobile home is lesser than repairing a shingled roof of a house. Due to its compact space, the expenses for heating will be much lower than adding a furnace to your one storey house.

It is also much easier to budget with a caravan. Accommodations is out of the question since you can have your sleep in your caravan. The only thing you have to worry is the cost of gasoline, food, or tolls, if any. You can stop by at a supermarket or grocery to buy food and cook it yourself

Resale Value

If you are planning to sell the caravan, you may still be able to get a good price for it as long as it is well-maintained. . If you are planning to return to a static house, you can use the mobile home momentarily while your house is being built.

It makes sense to consider Goldstar RV for your retirement. Not only will it make your retirement exciting but also will save you money compared to buying a traditional house.