Traveling using an off road family caravan offers a great way to see different places with minimal expenses. Since you do not have to worry about booking in a hotel, you can use the money intended for accommodations for other things. While caravans already come with the essentials such as beds, you can still consider upgrading your motorhome by adding accessories. Here are some of the possible upgrades you can add to your caravan.

Security Accessories

The first accessory you may want to invest on is a hitch lock. This safety feature will come in handy if you stop by in a service station and refuel your car. You may leave your caravan for a long time and make it prone to theft or robbery. Another security accessory you may want to invest on is a wheel lock and wheel nuts. This accessory will be useful for keeping your caravan stationary at the campsite.

Hook-Up Lead/Adapter

A hook-up lead will be handy for your electricity requirements. You would want to get a hook up lead of considerable length because not all the points would be as near to your caravan as you desire. In addition, you may want to get an adapter to plug at home. Do connect your fridge before you head on your way. So whenever you feel like having a meal or breakfast, you do not have to rush down to the local convenience store.


An additional accessory that you can consider for caravan sales is a full awning. Bear in mind that the larger is the caravan, the larger is the awning needed. They will cost you more especially if you want an awning with annex, that opens up to a separate bedroom and thus saves space. The more expensive models may come with extras such as an external satellite and TV point or an outside power socket. An annexed awning also comes with tables and chairs for the whole family.


The truth of the matter is that you do not need satellite and TV points added to Caravans Brisbane for sale. Most campsites come fully equipped with these accessories. While these facilities allow you to easily hook up, you would need an external TV and satellite point on your caravan.

Chemicals For Cassette Toilets

If you have a shower and toilet available in your 18 ft caravans for sale, chemicals for cassette toilet is worth investing on. However, campsites require biodegradable chemicals to be more environment friendly.

Water Butts

Water butts are used for fresh water supply to the caravan and the other is for waste water. Again, some campsites will allow hook up to water and electricity. However, when doing so, make sure you have pipes, connections, and pumps to hook up. So having water butts is a low cost investment and will offer a hassle free refilling of your fresh water tank. This will also be useful for best tow cars for caravans.

Adding accessories to your caravan can contribute to making your trip a memorable and worthwhile one. Make sure to check caravan reviews AU when looking for accessories for your motorhome.