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About GoldStar RV

At GoldStar RV, we are a manufacturer and assembler of world class quality caravans.


Before we get ahead of ourselves, we want to welcome you to GoldStar RV. First, let’s see why caravans and RV’s are so expensive in our country. There are a whole range of reasons but you can hammer it down to a few key factors.
  • Old style manufacturing processes
  • Limited suppliers of appliances and fittings
  • Inflated freight costs
  • Labour intensive and therefore prone to errors
  • Middle men such as dealers or agents
  • Excessive trading margins with some dealers loading prices by up to 30%


Our company has deep roots in the off-shore manufacturing sector for many years. Some 12 years ago, we began manufacturing a budget Camper Trailer in China. Since then, we have been able to refine and perfect our processes, expanding from importing from several manufacturers to owning and operating our own off shore manufacturing facilities.

We now produce semi trailers of all sizes and configuration, camper trailers, caravans for both Australian compliance and India, China, South America and several other Asian Countries.

Recently released for the Chinese market is our range of budget Motor Homes. We are a significant player in the RV industry and 2 years ago we made the decision to release our product in Australia, where all our administration and directors are based.

Launched from our Adelaide base in January 2014, after considerable development in areas of compliance, quality and longevity, our product is gaining rapid acceptance in the demanding Australian market.

With the accent on batch building using mechanised methods, and to keeping our prices at breakthrough low levels, our Goldstar brand now offers a serious alternative to both the new and used caravan buyer.


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