It all started over 15 years ago and after a visit to local caravan and camping shows, we were baffled by the high prices that camper trailers and caravans go on retail. At GoldStar RV, we sat out to research as to why it is happening.

Turns out the answer is simply the small volume many of the manufacturers geared up to produce doesn’t allow them to gain advantage as they source components—and oh yeah, a caravan needs hundreds of components. Secondly, the high margins that caravan dealers require in order to stay in business adds a significant amount to retail pricing. Usually manufacturers retail their stock through independent dealers. If you consider for a moment, costs do add up in terms of rent, interest, office staff, cleaning, sales staff and commission. You can see how price needs to easily be pushed up at times by 10-15k. It’s unfortunate but that’s how it is.

At GoldStar, we addressed both by batch building the most popular sizes and layout. You can imagine the discounts we demand from suppliers when we order a thousand wheels at a time or hundred air cons. Moreover, we opted for the aluminium frame construction as it’s the toughest, highly durable in a sandwich panel construction [not wood like other]

Now that we managed to manufacture world class vans with best components at the right price. In order to pass the savings into you, we opted for factory direct approach eliminating all fat cats!!!

Custom Build for requirement

Yes we can customise based on the design you want and components you need. Upon finalising an order, on average it takes about 12 weeks to build a custom caravan. However, we are happy to offer a Loan Van for FREE OF CHARGE for you to use while we wait for your new van to arrive. One more reason for you to consider a GoldStar! Call us now!

Unbeatable Support

Our proven manufacturer, dealer and repairer support network ensures you have peace of mind. Got questions?, We are here to help. Talk to us now!

Proven brand with trusted industry-standard components

We use the best brands in the market: Dometic, Thetford, Formica, Milford, Hayman Reese, ALKO and more.

Price beat advantage

What sets us apart is the unbelievable price point advantage. If you happen to find a better price elsewhere, we will beat it!

Save dollars now

Comparing apples with apples we normally are 10-15 thousand dollars lower in price than other brands thanks to our unique batch building techniques. Allow us to help you get more out of your hard-earned dollars so you can use it for essential equipment and travel upgrades.

Drive away stock for immediate delivery

Choose from over 100 units in stock: Ready now, why wait? Unlike with others where you place an order and wait, then hopefully it will be ready in a few months (in some cases it drags on for 9 months or more). Our immediate delivery will get you on the road holidaying right away.

Flexible finance

Your next purchase need not break the bank. We offer a wide range of finance options that works for you and give you more flexibility long term. Inquire now.

Variety of Popular Layouts

Learn more about the popular layouts that combines the beauty of interior design: space that create space and functionality. Floor plan that highlights color and lighting. Choose from Café, Club, L-Shaped or Recliner Sofa Options.

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